Universul ! Ia Universul !

Spengler: Lessons from Europe’s Winners and Losers

The Telegraph: Spanish data underscore dangerous economic slide

The Washington Post: Keeping Greece in the euro zone
Project Syndicate: Greece-Proofing China
VoxEU: The fiscal economics of a Greek exit
The Commentator: Is Germany to blame for the Euro crisis ?

UPI: Alarm bells in the U.S.
The Wall Street Journal: Four More Years?
Victor Davis Hanson: The art of being Dr. Barack and Mr. Obama
Forbes: President Obama’s Malthusian New Deal: Recovery Not

GMF: The U.S. Natural Gas Revolution: Will Europe Be Ready in Time?
Der Spiegel: German and Chinese Solar Firms Battle for Survival

Foreign Policy: Enough Talking, Kofi

The Moscow Times: Medvedev’s Feckless Government
Project Syndicate: Putin’s Final Act
National Interest: Putin’s Eurasian Aspirations

Reuters: Migrant workers go on rampage in China after death
Time: Self-Immolation Protests Spread to Tibetan Capital
Francis Fukuyama: China’s ‘Bad Emperor’ Problem

Time: Attacked by “Flame”: Will Iran Retaliate for the Latest Cyberassault?

MEMRI: Anger In Arab World Over Iranian Films Depicting Life Of Prophet Muhammad


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