Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Telegraph: Superstar economist Paul Krugman wants us to change course, but his solutions are simplistic

Open Europe: Does The SPD Really Support Eurobonds ?
Der Spiegel: Hollande Steals the Show from Merkel
Bloomberg: The Seeds of the EU’s Crisis Were Sown 60 Years Ago
Walter Russell Mead : Europe: The World’s Worst Dentist With the World’s Dullest Drill

The Guardian: A lesson from Serbia

International Herald Tribune: The Dictator
Bloomberg: Putin Faces Chaos If Greek Turmoil Sparks Slump, Study Says
The Power Vertical: Putin Wants To Party Like It’s 2007
Valdai: From Lenin to Putin and beyond. Russia between the past and the present

Financial Times: The wobbly panda won’t fall yet
The Washington Post: In China, foreigner-bashing brings backlash

Foreign Policy: 5 Things the Pentagon Isn’t Telling Us About the Chinese Military

The Diplomat: Vietnamese Back Philippines

The Interpreter: The roots of the new bipolarity
IP Journal : A Pillar of Freedom

Foreign Affairs: The Struggle to Succeed Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani

Steven Malanga: Redistricting Wars. The hidden story of the 2012 elections


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