Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Wall Street Journal: France, Germany Fail to Resolve Differences Over Euro Bonds
Der Spiegel: Hollande To Confront Merkel on Euro Bonds

Niall Ferguson: London’s Last Waltz
The Globe and Mail: France is in worse shape than it seems
Spengler: The Growth Canard in Europe
Thomas Sowell: Is demography America’s destiny?

The New York Times: What History Can Explain About Greek Crisis
Economonitor: Endgame in Greece: Don’t Look for an Imminent ‘Grexit’

The Irish Times: Treaty threatens to widen democratic deficit in EU

The Telegraph: Weary Serbia is paying the price of its own, and Europe’s, mistakes

Forbes: Hey, Krugman, Ask China If Stimulus Is A Good Idea
CBS News: China’s economic problems greater than reported
Project-Syndicate: Why China Won’t Rule

The New York Times: In China, Fear at the Top
NBR: The Bo Xilai Crisis: A Curse or a Blessing for China?

The National Interest: The New Great Game
GMF: Russia “is a Delicate Matter”? The View from Central Asia of Putin Russia’s Commitment to the Region

Atlantic Community: NATO and the R-Words: 10 Takes on the Chicago Summit

The Economist: NATO should not give in to Russian aggression
The Moscow Times: Putin’s Postman Delivers Nothing at the G8
The Power Vertical: Russia’s ‘Deep State’ Crisis
Putinania: “New” Government

The Jamestown Foundation: Russo-Chinese Naval Exercises Reflect Moscow’s Delicate Balancing Act in Asia

The Diplomat: China’s Small Stick Diplomacy

Spengler: What if Facebook is really worth $100 billion?
The Wall Street Journal: Bankers Under Fire as Facebook Slips 11%

Walter Russell Mead: OWS RIP

VOX: How universities helped transform the medieval world
City Journal: How the California Teachers Association betrayed the schools and crippled the state


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