Universul ! Ia Universul !

Zero Hedge: What Austerity?

Ian Bremmer: European Elections Reveal Nations Want to Dine Lavishly, Skip Out on the Check
Reuters: Leftist fails to form Greek government, elections loom
The New Republic: What Do Greeks Really Want? Meet the Voters of the Country’s Extremist Parties
GMF: Why Europe’s Votes are not a Rejection of Austerity
Centre for European Reform: Germany’s choice: higher inflation or sovereign defaults
The National Interest: Hollande and Putin vs. Obama

Ideas on Europe: EU-Russia relations and the diversification of gas supply routes
Oil Price: An Economic Analysis of Fracking

The Power Vertical: The Man Without A Plan
Open Democracy: The cosmonauts have landed: tales from an occupied Moscow
Foreign Policy : Medvedev the Phony
The Moscow Times: Illegitimate President
The Vancouver Sun: Putin’s old-style politics won’t work in new Russia

Foreign Policy: Since When Does Brookings Make Video Games?


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  1. Cherry says:

    If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach entehgtinmenl.

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