Universul ! Ia Universul !

Der Spiegel: ‘Berlin Is Running Out of Allies in Euro Crisis’
The Telegraph: Nightmare week for Angela Merkel as austerity bloc crumbles

The New Yorker: Sarkozy vs. Sarkozy
Stratfor: The Stakes in Paris and Beyond
Atlantic Council: If Socialist Wins France, European Union Will Be ‘Irrelevant’
Financial Times: Ailing ‘French exception’ will be EU’s problem
The Commentator: Is France inadvertently voting for the euro’s break up?

Spengler: Dog-Eating and Obama’s Identity
Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s Undiplomacy

Stratfor: Russia’s Strategy

Foreign Policy: A Giant Among Giants

Asia Times: China’s dilemma: power vs freedom
American Interest: China’s Corporate Leninism
National Interest: The Fall of Bo Xilai

The New York Times: With Venezuelan Food Shortages, Some Blame Price Controls

The Diplomat: The South China Seasickness
World Affairs Journal: Mahan’s Naval Strategy: China Learned It. Will America Forget It?

Novinite: Romania Naturalizes Far More Moldavians Than Bulgaria – Macedonians

New Geography: Megalopolis and its Rivals


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