Universul ! Ia Universul !

Reuters: French election rivals in final race for workers
The Telegraph: François Hollande: the Socialist ‘pup’ on course to become France’s next leader
The Telegraph: Nicolas Sarkozy is a victim of his own courage
Financial Times: Does France want a normal president?
The Economist: Electoral mathematics. History lessons
Le Monde Diplomatique: Sacking Sarkozy won’t be enough
The New York Times: Victor Hugo on the Ballot

The American: I wish Obama could time travel back to 1980 …
The Washington Times: Obama reverts to 2008 plan: Blame Bush

The New Republic: How an Election in Greece Could Cause Europe to Crumble

Der Spiegel: A Vote of No Confidence in Europe
Peggy Noonan: America’s Crisis of Character

The European: A Broken String of Pearls
Reuters: China’s Wen in Iceland, eyes on Arctic riches
Valdai: Can Russia play an active part in the Pacific game?
The Diplomat: What West Doesn’t Get About China

Barron’s: Dead Men Tell No Tales
BBC: Heywood case: China ‘murder cover-up began immediately’

Reuters: Leftist economist masterminds Argentina’s YPF grab

Time: Is Moscow Developing Super Duper Secret Mega Weapons?


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