Universul ! Ia Universul !

Reuters: Disgruntled French set to vote out Sarkozy
Time: The French Election By the Numbers: Could a Surprise Be Waiting on Sunday?
The Independent: The battle between Hollande and Sarkozy is trading on France’s deepest fears, not hopes
Credit Writedowns: On the Importance of the French Elections
CFR: France’s High Stakes Presidential Vote
The Economist: Hollande and Merkel. Fireworks ahead
Der Spiegel: What a Hollande Victory Would Mean for Merkel
Foreign Policy: Is the left the real story in the French election?
The Telegraph: Marine Le Pen stokes up the far right as she bids for French presidency
The American Spectator: Where’s Joan When We Need Her?

The Wall Street Journal: It’s 1936 All Over Again

Bloomberg: To Thrive, Euro Countries Must Cut Welfare State
Spengler: One-and-a-half cheers for Goldman Sachs

The Telegraph: George Soros and the Bundesbank’s Patriotic Putsch

CSIS: Playing a New Geoeconomic Game (pdf)
The National Interest: What a Eurasian Union Means for Washington
National Journal: Europe’s Bleak Future

Asia Times: China tests the will of the Philippines
The Diplomat: Is China Playing a Double Game?
Sino-NK: Mahan Over the Tumen Delta: China’s Naval Ambitions for Rason

The Washington Times: Aegis Ashore moves ahead
Naval Today: Ships of Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group Continue Training at Sea
Civil: Lavrov on Georgia’s NATO Integration

Naval Technology: Falklands War – UK and Argentine naval power then and now
CSBA: Changing the Game: the Promise of Directed-Energy Weapons (pdf)

Reuters: Brazen and eccentric, the cop at center of China scandal
The Wall Street Journal: Chinese Investigate Spending in Scandal
Want China Times: Bo Xilai’s first wife gets her revenge at last
The Telegraph: Bo Xilai ‘responsible for two more deaths’

The Wilson Quarterly: A Small World After All?

The American Spectator: An interview with Thomas Sowell (I, II)


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