Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Telegraph: Eurozone crisis roars back to savage Spain

Weekly Standard: America vs. Europe
East Asia Forum: China’s century or America’s?
Foreign Policy: A Nation of Spoiled Brats
Cato: Capitalism, Peace, and the Historical Movement of Ideas (pdf)
The Commentator: For Conservative succes, look to Sweden
Foreign Policy: The 6 countries where everyone runs the other way when the tax man comes knocking

The American Interest: The Population Boon

Reuters: U.S., Philippines start drills amid territorial spat with China
GMA News: A ‘thick’ or ‘thin’ solution to Panatag Shoal dispute?

Der Spiegel: Syria’s Fate Will Be Determined By Turkey
Washington Institute: How Iran and Turkey See Each Other
The Weekly Standard: Iran’s Armenian Connection
Debka: Obama’s secret dealings with Iran conflict with US-Israeli understandings
The Washington Post: Events do not wait as Obama plays a delay defense

The Telegraph: France’s decisive week
The Economist: Anti-capitalists and Communists in their own words
Dominique Moisi: France’s Election by Default

Les Echos: Oh Mon Dieu! English Invades French Workplace

The Guardian: Beyond the scandal lies a crisis at the heart of China’s legitimacy

Foreign Policy: Out of Africa

Oil Price: Russia Rattled by Rising Importance of Shale Gas
The Moscow Times: Putin’s Latest Mockery
The National Interest: The New Russian Empire
National Post: The return of neo-Stalinism
The American Interest: Resetting the Reset

Valdai: The North Caucasus in 2012

The Wall Street Journal: Failed Rocket Spurs Questions
The Diplomat: Plugging U.S. Missile Defense Gaps
PIIE: Sputnik? Kaputnik.*

Pascal Bruckner: Apocalyptic Daze


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