Moartea lui Kim Jong Il nu a avut loc

“Ideea Juche a definit omul ca un maestru care domină lumea, nu doar face parte din ea, stabilind astfel o  nouă perspectivă asupra lumii, care … în ceea ce priveşte lumea cu modificările şi progresele sale au omul, stăpânul său, în centru.”

Kim Jong Il – Despre ideile Juche

“According to the KCNA, Kim passed away “from a great mental and physical strain” whilst on a train for one of his ”field guidance” tours at 8.30am on 17 December, 2011. [2] From the available evidence, we might well assume a promotional campaign; a particular image of Kim that North Korea is trying to maintain. Perhaps we might even claim that it is an attempt to counter the ever-increasing images of a despot indulging in excesses whilst the rest of his country starves. In the middle of Pyongyang, a body lies in state. North Korea is in mourning: the moment news of his alleged demise broke there was widespread wailing and gnashing of teeth. Elsewhere, the rest of the world is holding its breath: even though his youngest son—Kim Jong-un—has been officially named successor, most pundits believe him too young, and certainly too inexperienced to wade through, let alone lead, the complex labyrinth of North Korean politics. Add to that the strong possibility that the 27-year old has a nuclear arsenal at his disposal, and one can quite easily see why neighbouring countries, especially South Korea and Japan, are jittery.”
Întreg articolul îl găsiţi aici. 

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