Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Christian Science Monitor: As Syria killings rise, a plea for world conscience
Debka: US weighs limited military action against Assad. Turkey may join
The Diplomat: Last Chance Saloon with Iran?
Asia Times: Muslim Brotherhood chooses chaos
The Atlantic: It’s Official: Two-State Solution Declared Dead

Foreign Policy: The New Crossroads of History. Ten things you didn’t know about Turkey.

Reuters: “Bring a bag and the dog”: Brits in Mali flee Qaeda

The Wall Street Journal: Stocks’ Drop Is 2012 Worst
The Telegraph: Spain’s ‘lose-lose’ struggle reignites euro crisis
The Wall Street Journal: Data Raise Hopes for German Economy
Forbes: 3 Things Everyone Needs to Know About the Apple Antitrust Case
New York Post: A needless US-China trade war
Guy Sorman: Growing Out of Poverty
Walter Russell Mead: A Crisis of Civilization

The Economist: Nicolas Sarkozy promises voters he can change
Der Spiegel: Sarkozy Courts Populism in Run-Up to Election
The Telegraph: Rick Santorum was the most conservative, authentic and resilient candidate of 2012
The Economist: The Mélenchon conundrum

Forbes: A Global Assault On Religious Liberty

The New York Times: Death at Center of Chinese Scandal That Tarred Official
Asia Times: Cautionary tales for China

The Moscow Times: Siloviki in a Panic
Radio Free Europe: Vladimir Vladimirovich Suharto
Open Democracy: Georgia: the next evolution


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