Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Telegraph: US set to kick the can further down the road
The Diplomat: The Rise of Global Feudalism
PIIE: Banking Union or Financial Repression? Europe Has Not Chosen Yet

Die Welt: “On The Misfortune Of Being Greek” – Germans Dig In To Ever Pertinent 1975 Essay
YNET: Something rotten in Germany

The Telegraph: Syria peace plan in disarray as Bashar al-Assad regime backs away from troop withdrawal
Small Wars Journal: Syria as Prologue

Debka: What were the six points Obama sent Khamenei through Erdogan?
National Post: Middle East could collapse into full conflict if international talks fail next week
Washington Post: Iran’s limited escape options
Debka: Russian radar in Armenia to block an US/Israeli strike on Iran from the north
Small Wars Journal: Why Israel Will Attack Iran

The Economist: Denouncing Pravda and the Taliban liberals
The Telegraph: France election 2012: Islam takes centre stage in battle for France
Foreign Policy: Sarko’s Romney Problem
Irish Times: French presidential candidates have little scope for manoeuvre

Foreign Policiy Associations: Russian Bloggers are Watching You!
The Moscow News: Watching Patriarch Kirill Discredit Himself

Weekly Standard: Tuareg Nation Upsets U.S. Policy in Africa

The Wall Street Journal: ‘Jackie Kennedy of China’ at Center of Political Drama


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