Universul ! Ia Universul !

Stratfor: America’s Pacific Logic
The American Interest: Asia after the Afghan War

Carnegie Endowment: Erdogan the Peacemaker?

Financial Times: So much for China’s year of doing nothing
The Diplomat: China’s Economy After the Crisis
The Economist: China reimposing order
Freedom House: The Great China Exception
Asia Times: Small wars loom large on China’s horizon

Foreign Policy: Israel’s Resilient Democracy

Russia in Global Affairs: The Importance of Being Russia
MEMRI: Rising Tensions between Saudi Arabia, Russia on Backdrop of Syrian Crisis
Today’s Zaman: Russia’s ‘principled stance’ in Syria

Reuters: Overloaded justice system ties Italy in knots

The Telegraph: François Hollande would destroy France’s economy ‘within two days’, Nicolas Sarkozy claims
The Economist: Nicolas Sarkozy’s economic programme. What’s French for U-turn?
The New York Times: France’s Presidential Rivals Trade Attacks

Russia Watch: Stalin: A History Gap Divides Russia From Its Neighbors

National Review: The real Che (via Café Hayek)

The Weekly Standard: The Book That Drove Them Crazy. Allan Bloom’s ‘Closing of the American Mind’ 25 years later.


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