Universul ! Ia Universul !

Foreign Policy: Undergunned and Overwhelmed
Time: Syria’s Year of Chaos: Photos of a Slow-Motion Civil War

Debka: Russia, Iran set to counter US/Israeli strike against Iran. US-led naval drill

The Telegraph: Germany’s reluctant hegemony and misguided Calvinism
Eurasia Review: Germany: Savior Or Victim Of Europe?
The Atlantic: Europe’s Real Crisis
The Wall Street Journal: Spain’s Finance Minister Sees ‘No Margin For Error’

Centre For European Reform: The US-Russia reset is over

The New York Times: China Sees U.S. as Competitor and Declining Power, Insider Says
Reuters: China wrestles Mao’s ghost after official’s divisive fall

Foreign Policy: Dear Ayatollah Khamenei: Go Ahead, Shut Down That Strait

Commentary: China’s High-Tech Military Threat
Foreign Policy: Does the U.S. military have the resources for an Asian century?
The National Interest: In Defense of Drones
The Diplomat: Must U.S. Navy Downsize Plans?

Russia Profile: Grozny on the Thames
Reuters: “Londongrad” on edge after attack on Russian banker

Newsweek: How a Terror Attack Saved French President Nicolas Sarkozy
The Economist: Nicolas Sarkozy The comeback kid
The Wall Street Journal: Obama and the Eisenhower Standard

Carnegie Europe: Good News from Moldova

History Today: Who Killed Alexander The Great ?


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