Universul ! Ia Universul !

Global Post: Syria: Inside the latest assault on Saraqeb

Middle East Forum: Western Survival Depends on Western Pride
Chatham House : Broken Forever? Addressing Europe’s Multiple Crises

Stratfor: With the Focus on Syria, Mexico Burns

The Jamestown Foundation: Black Sea sliver may decide Nabucco fate
The Moscow Times: Belene Plant Axing Final

Free Beacon: Scalia Likens Reading Obamacare to Cruel and Unusual Punishment
The American Interest: Obamacare on Trial
Thomas Sowell: Obamacare Mandates Justified by ‘Interstate Commerce’?

Foreign Policy: What It Takes to Be a Great Secretary of State

Die Welt: Stalin And The Macho Cult of Mass Murder

AolDefense: Missile Subs Delay Is Good News, Bad News Story For Shipbuilders
Defense Tech: China’s Anti Access Future is Here
Asia Times: In the crosshairs of US’s deadliest shot.Interview with Victor Fic, the deadliest sniper in US military history
Strategy Page: Russia Revives Their Sniper Tradition
Turkish Navy: Two Turkish Warships Collided During Training

The New York Times: Polish Ex-Official Charged With Aiding C.I.A.
SpyTalk: China Hardly Needs Spies When It’s Allowed into Our Computers
Haaretz: Clandestine war’s pressure on Iranian leaders
Debka: Wikileaks claims Netanyahu was a Stratfor source, disclosed 2 Iranian nukes on missiles in 2009

Der Spiegel: Amid Debt Crisis, Athens Falls Apart

Smithsonian: The Ottoman Empire’s Life-or-Death Race

Forbes: Climate Obstinately Refuses to Cooperate with Global Warming Alarmists

Book Review: Creating Wine: The Emergence of a World Industry, 1840-1914
Book Review: Casualties of Credit: The English Financial Revolution, 1620-1720


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