Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Economist: The euro crisis. A three-headed beast
The Wall Street Journal: Monti Pulls a Thatcher

The Washington Times: Hot mic: Obama begs Russians for ‘space’ on missile defense talks
Foreign Policy: The dirty little secret about second-term presidents

Gulfnews: The Iranian crisis signals a turning point in warfare
The Atlantic: Why Can’t the Air Force Build an Affordable Plane?
The Moscow Times: Military Historians Will Applaud Medvedev
The Diplomat: An Asian Arms Race?

Foreign Affairs: The Future of History – Francis Fukuyama and Gideon Rose (video)

Asia Times: Crisis closes in on China’s inner circle
Project Syndicate: China’s Stability Gambit

CSIS: The Big Caucasus. Between Fragmentation and Integration (pdf)

EurasiaReview: Transformations In Middle East And Russia’s Interests

The Moscow Times: U.S. Protects Russians With Jackson-Vanik

The New Republic: Hungary’s Prime Minister Bites the Hand that Feeds Him
Centre for European Reform: Oh no, Orban clone? The EU ponders Slovak elections

The New Republic: Pravda Lite – Why are liberals lending credibility to a zany Russian TV station?

The American Interest: Argentina: Where Failure Is A Choice, Not A Caprice

The Telegraph: Gas fracking will revolutionise the US economy

newgeography: The Leveraged Buyout of the GDR


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