Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Wall Street Journal: Russian President Warns of Long Syrian Civil War if U.N. Effort Fails
Radikal: Why Syria’s Splintered Opposition Is Assad’s Real Ace In The Hole
The Moscow Times: Why Putin Has Begun Abandoning Assad
Carnagie Endowment: The Method to Putin’s Syria Madness
Foreign Policy: The Dictator’s Inbox
The Wall Street Journal: Arab Media Clash Over Syria

Debka: Obama’s back-channel to Tehran bypasses allies Erdogan and Netanyahu

Foreign Policy Initiative: The Dangers of an Accelerated Drawdown in Afghanistan: What America’s Civilian and Military Leaders are Saying
Russia Watch: Afghanistan: Pass the $1 billion a week baton to Russia?
National Interest: Five Reasons to Withdraw from Afghanistan

The New York Times: Monti Braces for a Fight Over Labor Law Changes
Der Spiegel: Portugal Can Still Turn the Corner in Debt Crisis
The Wall Street Journal: The Descent of Hungary
The Economist: Brazil’s pension system. Tick, tock
The New York Times: Turkey’s Challanges

Asia Times: China outlook gloomy
Economic Observer: Will China’s Economy Burst, Japan-Style?

Asia Times: The China-US rare earth games
Foreign Affairs: All Quiet in the South China Sea

The Christian Science Monitor: Russia exasperated with US over missile defense
The Moscow Times: Revolutionary Winds Blowing Across Moldova

The Wall Street Journal: Escape From a North Korean Prison

The Telegraph: Sarkozy reminds the French voters what he’s made of
National Interest: Sarkozy Unleashed

Novinite: Bulgarian Nationalists Rally against Romania, Dissenters, Govt

City Journal: The Greatness of the Grid

Time: Why Real Madrid Can’t Beat Barca on the Field, But Leads Comfortably in the Market


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