Universul ! Ia Universul !

Foreign Policy Blogs : Tehran’s Damascus Axis
The Daily Caller: Iran rattles sabers: ’11,000 missiles ready to launch’ at Israel, US targets
CBS News: The Spymaster: Meir Dagan on Iran’s threat
The Jerusalem Post: ‘Arab revolts led to Islamization, instability’ – (report – pdf)

The Wall Street Journal: U.S., Russia Clash as U.N. Security Council Debates Syria

The Globe and Mail: Switzerland against the world
VOX: What can Europe learn from Sweden? Four lessons for fiscal discipline
Carnegie Endowment : The Underachiever: Ukraine’s Economy Since 1991
OilPrice: Estonia Strives to Shake off Soviet Energy Dependence

Project Syndicate: The Pig, the Wolf, and the Dragon
Seeing Red in China: High-speed Railway Collapse in Hubei – A tragedy averted by luck
China Financial Markets: The World Bank proposes tough medicine for China
Asia Times: NPC: A house of non-representatives

Spengler: Obama’s Purimspiel

Blog Activ: Sarkozy and the Schengen Deception
Wall Street Journal: Nicolas Le Pen
The Telegraph: Nicolas Sarkozy ‘received £42 million from Muammar Gaddafi for 2007 election’
Forbes: Much Too Early to Say Putin has Won: Understanding the Big Lie

Radio Days: Anschluß!


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