Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Wall Street Journal: Israel’s Crisis in Gaza Deepens With Strikes
The Jerusalem Post: Iron Dome intercepts 8 rockets; IDF strikes Gaza
The Times of Israel: Iron Dome — the newly beloved missile defense system that nobody wanted
Debka: Iranian-Israel battle of wits over Iron Dome will determine Gaza ceasefire

Foreign Policy: $200 Oil and the Moscow-Beijing Alliance

The Washington Times: Election-year politics dictate White House Iranian policy
The Washington Post: Iran held me hostage three decades ago. It shouldn’t hold America hostage today.
Institute for the Study of War: Syria’s Armed Opposition
The Weekly Standard: Politicizing Intelligence on Syria

Forbes: China’s Zero-Growth Economy
The Wall Street Journal: Prospects for Stimulus In China Rise
Niall Ferguson: China’s got the whole world in its hands

Financial Times: Putin builds walls round Kremlin
Condoleezza Rice: The promise of Russia’s urban middle class
Foreign Affairs: Russia’s Activists Regroup
The Moscow Times: Putin’s Pyrrhic Victory
OpenDemocracy: Why the opposition lost to Putin
Ion Mihai Pacepa: Tsar Putin

The Nation: America’s Failed (Bi-Partisan) Russia Policy

The Dipomat: Why China, India Clash

Valdai: A New Push for Nuclear Submarine Development
The Dipomat: U.S. Confronts an Anti-Access World

IrishTimes : Hollande not that unlike his rival Sarkozy
Reuters: France’s Sarkozy defies Europe with protectionist push
Der Spiegel: Hollande Wants to Renegotiate EU Fiscal Pact
The Wall Street Journal: Sarkozy Threatens to Exit Schengen Area

Reuters: Tens of thousands of Spaniards protest labor reform

Die Welt: Why German Presidents Don’t Have Dogs


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