Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Wall Street Journal: Greece Passes Key Debt Test
The Telegraph: Greece in last ditch scramble to avoid default
The European: The Rescue Bubble

The Japan Times: The real ‘China threat’
Global Post: China’s Broad Sustainable Building completes a 30-story hotel in just 15 days (VIDEO)

The Washington Institute: No Nuclear Compromise

Foreign Policy: The myth of Chinese exceptionalism
GMF Blog: The Chinese Military’s Great Leap Forward
Foreign Policy: Riding the Dragon

The New York Times: Syrian Minister Appears to Defect and Join Opposition
Reuters: Four more generals defect from Syrian army: rebels

DefenseTech: Police Drones Are Already Here
navaltoday.com: Russia: Navy Abandons Akula Modernization Project

Russia Watch: Russia’s Democratic Opposition and Putin’s Silent Majority

The Commentator: And now Spain eyes up Gibraltar

Weekly Standard: Will France’s Nicolas Sarkozy be the next European leader to fall?
Peterson Institute: Will French Voting Test Franco-German Ties? (pdf)

The National Interest – Book Review: The Better War That Never Was
The Wall Street Journal – Book Review: The Ancient Art Of Fooling Voters


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