Universul ! Ia Universul !

Global Post: For some in France, US is world’s biggest problem
The Wall Street Journal: France’s Hollande Looks to Reassure Finance World

The Telegraph: ECB lends €530bn to European banks in bid to avert credit crunch
Financial Times: Next Big Financial Crisis Will Be Made in China
Reuters: Insight: How the Greek debt puzzle was solved
Der Spiegel: Southern European Money Migrating North to Safety

Victor Davis Hanson: Taking Out Dictators

The New York Times: Iran Spinning Out of Control
Asia Times: Diplomacy to seal Iran’s fate
Politico: Do Israelis support a strike on Iran?
The Atlantic: The Case for Letting Iran (Almost) Build a Bomb
CSIS: Iran’s Influence in the Americas (pdf)

Dmitri Trenin: Putin the Peacemaker?

The National Interest: Syria: Be Careful What You Wish For
The Guardian: Diplomacy may yet break Syria’s deadlock, and avoid a military crisis
Asia Times: China’s chance to stem Syrian blood
The New Republic: Friends of Syria: Obama, Clinton, the Saudi King, All Pusillanimous, One Worse Than the Other

European Geostrategy: The Atlantic Alliance and the European Union

EuroasiaNet: After Kyrgyzstan Gets Moscow To Pay For Military Base, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan Press For More
The Moscow Times: Quality Over Quantity
Xinhuanet: Close shot of China’s J-20 fighter Close shot of China’s J-20 fighter

The Independent: The prohibition of drugs has been an abject failure with a devastating human cost

Wired: Secure Your Browser: Add-ons to Stop Web Tracking

The Diplomat: China’s Misguided Religious Battle

Blic: Serbia given candidacy, Romania attempted fishing in troubled waters

The American Interest: The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean
The National Interest: Great Catherine’s Many Dimensions

The Hollywood Reporter: Whatever Happened to Ted Turner?


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