Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Wall Street Journal: Ireland to Hold Referendum on EU Treaty
The Telegraph: Irish EU treaty vote threatens chaos

Time: Can Syria’s Assad Fight His Way to Political Survival?
The New York Times: Arm Syria’s Rebels
Foreign Policy: Saudi Arabia Is Arming the Syrian Opposition
Middle East Research and Information Project: Beyond the Fall of the Syrian Regime
Asia Times: Syriana redux: The Middle East fragments
The Telegraph: Syria isn’t the ‘new Bosnia’, despite the narcissistic hopes of the Western commentariat
Spengler: Conjuring the ghost of Richelieu

National Post: Wishing upon Iran

Helmut Kohl: Europe Remains a Question of War and Peace

The American: Time to Reset Obama’s Reset Policy

The Wall Street Journal: Fatal Riots Erupt in China’s Xinjiang
China Digital Times: 12 Killed in Xinjiang Riots
Time: Why China Will Have an Economic Crisis
The Diplomat: Why U.S., China Destined to Clash

The Atlantic: If Afghans Want to Reject the U.S. and Embrace Theocracy, That’s Their Right
The National: Why is enlightenment still 700 years behind Ibn Battuta?

The Jamestown Foundation: Putin Leads a War-Like Campaign Toward a Crushing but Hollow Victory

The Wall Street Journal: The Mounting Minuses at Google+


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