Universul ! Ia Universul !

Reuters: “Friends of Syria” to demand ceasefire, aid access
Der Spiegel: Situation Grows Increasingly Grim in Rebel Stronghold of Homs
Middle East Policy Council: Why Asad Regime Likely Survive 2013
The New York Times: Photographer’s Video From Homs Shows Urban Warfare in Vivid Detail

Foreign Policy: Is the Iranian regime rational?

The Washington Free Beacon: DIA director: China preparing for space warfare
The National Interest: The China Bluff
The Diplomat: Can China Crash U.S. Pivot Party?

Forbes: The Crisis of Capitalism Is a Lack of Capitalism

The Centre For Independent Studies: Returning to old European rivalries
The Local: Greek journalist called Merkel ‘dirty Berlin slut’

City Journal: The State of the Anglosphere

The Moscow Times: Russia’s Luck Has Run Out
In Moscow’s Shadows: Putin’s Cossack rhetoric

The National Interest: U.S. Failures in North Korea

Foreign Affairs: Poker Lessons From Richelieu

Freeman: Who Killed Michael Jackson?

The American Interest: A Night in Arzamas

The Weekly Standard : The Great American Novel


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