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Photo: Reuters
Middle East Forum: Bashar’s ‘Iron Fist’
Foreign Policy: Mock Homs at Your Own Risk
Council on Foreign Relations: Debating U.S. Options in Syria
Atlantic Council: Two-Track Syria? Western allies continue diplomacy while regional powers arm the rebels
The Wall Street Journal: Iraqi Tribes in Bind Over Syria Arms

Russian Military Reform: Russia’s Iran Strategy
Dmitri Trenin: How the Iran Nuclear Standoff Looks From Russia
The Commentator: The politics of a strike on Iran
Bloomberg: How the Iran Nuke Standoff Looks From Turkey
Victor Davis Hanson: Nuclear Realities
CSIS: Iran and the Gulf Military Balance I: The Conventional and Asymmetric Dimensions

The Telegraph: France and Germany to ‘harmonise’ corporate tax rates

Der Spiegel: Greece Lurches to Left Amid Radical Austerity

FRIDE: Is Germany still a EU-ropean power?

ChinaGeeks: On the “Superior” Political Model

photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin
Russian Defense Policy: Putin and the Army
Street Wise Professor: Putin’s Arms Race

Strategy Page: Kilo Eats Its Children

Source: Defense Media

The Aviationist: Exclusive Infographic: all Cyber Attacks on Military Aviation and Aerospace Industry
Forbes: Pentagon Tech Chief Points To Big Problem In Protecting Networks

Think Defence: Mortars

The Moscow Times: Putin’s Dangerous Reprivatization Idea

The Daily Beast: Portrait of the Young Vladimir Putin

Oil Price: Falklands Flare Up – Could a New Oil Find Re-Ignite an Old Conflict?

Forbes: Disarming the Myths Promoted By the Gun Control Lobby

City Journal: The Myths of The Pruitt-Igoe Myth


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