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REUTERS/ Andrew Winning Reuters / Andrew Winning


Reuters: Russia says will veto “unacceptable” Syria resolution
Russia Watch: Britain in Suez in 1956 = Russia in Syria in 2012?
The New York Times: Russia’s Bad Bet on Syria
Asia Times: Fighting over Syria at the UN

The Washington Times: Bad News for Reset

Gallup: Republicans, Democrats Favor Tax Breaks to Win Back U.S. Jobs

The Wall Street Journal: Economic Data Signal Two-Speed Europe
Der Spiegel: Germany’s Power ‘Is Causing Fear’ in Europe
The Telegraph: Greece nears debt deal with banks but EU clash looms

The Moscow Times: From Protest to Nausea

Financial Times: Russia’s military: modern warfare the Moscow way
Strategy Page: The Shame Of The Russian Navy
The Times of India: Indian Army preparing for limited conflict with China: US intel chief
The Diplomat: Assessing America’s Military Future
The Diplomat: Israel, China and Cyber Security

Defence Talk: Dassault on tough road to close India fighter deal

Forbes: How China Will Conquer The U.S. Auto Industry
China Hearsay: What Will the U.S. Do About China Auto Part Imports?

Forbes: The Inequality Debate: Senseless Without Consideration of What is Earned

Foreign Policy: The Bin Laden Bounce

The Moscow Times: Killer Cops

Forbes: The Best Whisky Book Ever – A Must Read For Drinkers!

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