Universul ! Ia Universul !

Reuters: Troops seize Damascus suburbs back from rebels
The New York Times: As Nations Line Up Against Syrian Government, Russia Sides Firmly With Assad

The Wall Street Journal: Euro-Zone Confidence Rises
Der Spiegel: Critics Question Merkel’s Fiscal Pact Proposal
The Telegraph: It’s too late for other Europeans to be as efficient as Germans
American Institute for Contemporary German Studies: Germany’s Historical Euro Responsibility
The Wall Street Journal: Calming Bond Markets

The Moscow Times: British Spy Story Tailor-Made for an Election Year

e-International Relations: Putin And The Challenge Of The ‘Vanguard Of The Bourgeoisie’

Russia in Global Affairs: The Cold War and the Post-Cold War World

Foreign Policy: The End of the Win-Win World

The Diplomat: Will China Dragon Bite in 2012?

Strategy Page: Bulava Enters Hasty Production

Today’s Zaman: Turkey and Russia develop strategic alliance

The New Republic: A Tale of Two Technocracies: The Diverging Paths of Europe’s Basket Cases

The Globe And Mail: Scotland has a clear question, but no clear reason
The Commentator: Scotland is far safer within the union than outside it at the mercy of Brussels

Spengler: How America made its children crazy

Die Welt: Frederick the Great At 300: An Irreverent German Look At A Singular Prussian King


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