Universul ! Ia Universul !

Reuters: EU bans Iranian oil, Tehran responds with threats
The Guardian: EU agrees Iranian oil embargo
The Diplomat: Iran: Between U.S. and a Hard Place
The Atlantic: How the World Could—And Maybe Should—Intervene in Syria
The Guardian : Syria looks more like Libya every day
The Telegraph: Assad rejects the Arab League deal for transition as Syrian rebels close in
Spengler: Failed treasury auction portends Egyptian disaster
The Independent: Is Turkey’s economic miracle about to fade away?
Pajamas Media: World War

The Weekly Standard: The Obama Way of War

Reuters: Putin warns ethnic tensions risk tearing Russia apart

The Wall Street Journal: Lagarde Says Europe Must Boost Firewall
Der Spiegel: Germany at Odds with Partners over Euro Crisis
Bloomberg: Europe’s Debt Crisis Is Still Likely to End Badly
The Christian Science Monitor: European debt crisis: Germany’s fight against Keynes

Le Monde : Vienne-Budapest, aller-retour dans le passé

The Atlantic: After 20 Years of ‘Peaceful Evolution’, China Faces Another Historic Moment

The New York Times: François Hollande, Challenging Sarkozy, Calls for Change
Dominique Moïsi: French lessons for US on political drama

The New Republic: A Tale of Two Men


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