Universul ! Ia Universul !

Reuters: Saudi urges pressure on Syria, withdraws monitors
The Telegraph: Saudi Arabia calls for outside intervention in Syra

Debka: Panetta: USS Enterprise carrier group to transit Hormuz in March

The Wall Street Journal: Talks on Restructuring Greek Debt Hit Impasse

The Diplomat: Beijing Foreign Policy Hurts China

Der Spiegel: Journey to a Homeland Lost in the War

The Diplomat: How to Tie China Down

The Telegraph: The Obama administration knifes Britain in the back again over the Falklands

Strategy Page: All Digital, Much Cheaper

The Globe and Mail: Spy-obsessed Russians find little to love in Canadian espionage case
Siberian Light: Mystery of Russian Spy in Canada
Canadian Business: Prediction: Russia builds a new Soviet Union
Open Democracy: Poking with the human rights stick
The Moscow Times: How Rivals Use Canards to Villify Tbilisi
Johnson’s Russia List: Putin’s emotions spill over

City Journal: How’s My Teaching? More policymakers are adopting evaluation systems based on classroom performance.

Mark Steyn: The Sinking of the West. It’ll look more like the Costa Concordia than the Titanic

Thomas Sowell: The Way That History Went Down

The Wall Street Journal: Finnish Presidential Election Heads for Runoff


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