Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Wall Street Journal: Why a ‘Voluntary’ Greek Deal Doesn’t Matter
Foreign Policy: Best Friends with Benefits

Ideas on Europe: Britain will never accept German leadership

New Statesman: The battle for Britain has begun
BBC: Alex Salmond details his plan for a Scottish Defence Force

World Affairs: China’s Visit to the Arabian Peninsula Is All About Iran

The Diplomat: Behind the China Missile Hype
Lexington Institute: A Simple Explanation Of Why The F-35 Fighter Is Essential
Defence Aviation: Gripen, SAAB’s Eurofighter Rival
Defence Talk: Showcasing Israeli Unmanned Naval Vessel
Atlantic Council:The role of British Special Forces in defeating Gaddafi
Russian Military Reform : Another submarine fire

Foreign Policy: The Fog of Peace

The Diplomat: China’s Land Grab Alchemy
The Moscow Times: Why Putin Will Never, Ever Give Up Power

The Telegraph: Is Newt Gingrich’s ‘women trouble’ karmic payback for what he did to Bill Clinton?
Le Monde: Dur, dur de lever une espérance

Los Angeles Times: Speech crimes and France

The New York Times: Hungary’s Junk Democracy

Forbes: The Great Renewable Energy Scam: Is There A Change In The Wind?

The Telegraph: Costa Concordia: investigators probe role of young Moldovan woman on cruise ship


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