Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Wall Street Journal: Iran Scientist Killed in Bomb Blast
The New York Times: Blaming U.S. and Israel, Iran Reports Killing of Nuclear Scientist
Asia Times: Strait of Hormuz: Danger waters
Foreign Affairs: Christmas is No Time for an Iranian Revolution
The Wall Street Journal : Beijing and Tehran’s Coming Divorce
Defence Talk: China says war over Iran will bring disaster

The Wall Street Journal: German Economy Shrank Slightly at End of 2011
Der Spiegel: Germany Could Face Recession in 2012

The Diplomat: Can U.S. Navy Shift to Pacific?
GreeleGazette: Obama to give US missile defense secrets to Russians

France Press: European Commission steps up legal threats against Hungary
The Wall Street Journal: EU to Recommend Hungary Sanctions
Foreign Policy: Behind Bars in the Deep State
Project Syndicate: Turkey’s Balancing Act

Associated Press: Russian ship stopped carrying arms bound for Syria
The New York Times: Outsiders Feed Unrest in Syria, Assad Says
Le Monde: Un journaliste français tué en Syrie

The New York Times: Romney Says N.H. Results Show Attacks on Him Failed
Le Monde: Accoyer, 2012 et les “conséquences comparables à une guerre”
The National: Tobin’ tax may help Sarkozy, but not Europe

The Wall Street Journal: Russia to Limit Kremlin Protests
The Moscow Times: Georgia’s Midnight Express
Le Figaro : L’espion soviétique Guevork Vartanian est mort

France Presse: Ankara may rechristen French-named streets over genocide row

The Telegraph: Does a single person in England care if the United Kingdom breaks up? Can Alex Salmond give Britain the chop? Scotland warned it could lose the pound and be forced to join Euro as price of independence

BBC: UK films urged to be more ‘mainstream’ in new report


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