Universul ! Ia Universul !

The New York Times: Syrian Leader Vows ‘Iron Fist’ to Crush ‘Conspiracy’
Foreign Policy: Observing the Observers
The Daily News Egypt: In Syria, what does Russia want?
The Wall Street Journal: Syria Bound for ‘Civil War,’ Says Turkey’s PM
Der Spiegel: Iran and the West Rediscover Oil as Weapon
Debka: Iran plans one-kiloton underground nuclear test in 2012
Small Wars Journal: The Next Iraqi Civil War

Der Spiegel: Sarkozy Turned Berlin Summit Into Campaign Event
Le Monde: Quotient familial : Hollande ne veut pas le supprimer mais “le rendre juste”
The Telegraph: The New Hampshire primary is Anybody But Obama vs Anybody But Romney
The American Spectator: Mitt’s Masquerade
The Wall Street Journal: The Stephanopoulos Standard
Politico: Hello, goodbye
City Journal: The New Authoritarianism
The Guardian: Cameron is gambling with Scottish independence
The National Interest: The Anti-Putin Campaign

The China Post: Vietnam prepares to better protect its S. China Sea claims
Project Syndicate: Asia’s New Tripartite Entente
The American Interest: Powder Keg in East Asia
Small Wars Journal: China’s navy is more than its ships and subs
Asia Times : China faces gloomy new year

The New York Times: Where Is Europe?
Der Spiegel: Europe’s Crisis Is Germany’s Blessing
The Wall Street Journal: Negotiators Work to Restructure Greek Debt

Esquire: The American Man’s Scotch Pronunciation Guide
Brian Cox, esteemed actor and proud Scot, sips his way through more than 40 brand names to help you out at the bar, the liquor store, and beyond


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