Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Washington Post: Syrian defectors call for international help
Debka: Russian, French warships off Syria, Iran, US drones over Iranian coast

The Fiscal Times: Investors Fund $3.9B for Germany
Der Spiegel: Merkozy Upbeat Despite Return of Euro Crisis
The Wall Street Journal: Merkel, Sarkozy Pile Pressure on Greece

Foreign Policy: The Myth of Europe

Le Monde: Quand Nicolas Sarkozy trouvait la taxe Tobin “absurde”

The Wall Street Journal: Hungary’s Collision Course With the EU

World Politics Review: The New Rules: Welcome to Obama’s Cold War With China
The New York Times: Chinese News Agency Warns Against U.S. Moves

The Washington Times: Obama’s war plan pins hopes on peace
Wired: Almost 1 In 3 U.S. Warplanes Is a Robot

National Post: The New Russian Fury
The Washington Times: Putin seeks power in trade

The JamesTown Foundation: How Pakistan’s Unstable Tribal Areas Threaten China’s Core Interests

EconomicHistory.net: Why Europe Grew Rich and Asia Did Not: Global Economic Divergence, 1600-1850

Whisky For Everyone: Have just tried – Glenfarclas 17 years old


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