Universul ! Ia Universul !

Reuters: Iran to launch nuclear work in bunker in “near future”
Debka: Iran crosses another nuclear red line. Fordo soon on stream
theoptimisticconservative: Are Russia and China ready to play a new Great Game?

Foreign Affairs: What it Will Take to Intervene in Syria
RiaNovosty: Syria hails visit of Russian warships to Tartus

Forbes: East Asian Economies Slump
Reuters: For euro zone, the heat is on again
The Wall Street Journal: The Struggle Heats Up for Global Finance
Der Spiegel: Doubts Grow over Greek Debt Restructuring
Le Monde: Sarkozy à Berlin va défendre son projet d’instaurer la taxe Tobin
The Telegraph: Tobin tax ‘could leave €116bn hole in EU finances’
The New York Times: Germany Resists Europe’s Pleas to Spend More
The Wall Street Journal: Hungarian Prime Minister Defends Changes to Bank Law

Spengler: Recall notice for the Turkish model

Le Monde Diplomatique: How empire ruled the world

The Diplomat: Deterrence, Not Containment

Reuters: Sarkozy gains ground on Socialist rival: poll

The Wall Street Journal: Parisians Fight Plans for Gypsy Camp

Larry Olmsted: Two Unique Irish Whiskies To Try This Year!


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