Universul ! Ia Universul !

The Atlantic Wire: U.S. Can’t Fight Two Wars at the Same Time Anymore
Zbigniew Brzezinski : 8 Geopolitically Endangered Species. Meet the weaker countries that will suffer from American decline.
Debkafile: Iran provokes showdown, warns US carrier not to return to Persian Gulf
The Diplomat: Iran’s Empty Threats
Michael Ledeen: Iran in Convulsion (the death spiral continues)

DefenseNews: Pentagon to Unveil New Strategy This Week
The Aviationist: Landing a Rafale an aircraft carrier. At night. A video shows why a night trap is the scariest and most demanding kind of flying.

Le Monde: Alain Juppé en appelle à la Commission européenne
Der Spiegel: ‘Destroying Democracy’
Gáspár Miklós Tamás : Let us deal with Orbán
The Wall Street Journal: Nervous Investors Sour on Hungary

Daniel Gros: The Decline and Fall of the Euro?

The Wall Street Journal: France Says Syrian Regime Committing Massacres

The New York Times: Shooting Raises Tensions in Moldova
Yulia Tymoshenko: Letter from a Ukraine jail
The Washington Post: Belarus has outlawed browsing foreign Web sites


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