Dacă creştinismul dispare, dispare şi Europa

Titlul postării este al unui articol apărut pe blogul ziarului britanic The Telegraph. Titlul spune totul. Eventuala înfrângere a proiectului european în sine, conform autorului, nu se va datora actualei crize a datoriilor, ci va avea la bază profunda criză spirituală şi de indentitate prin care trece Europa.

“Our crisis is a spiritual crisis, a crisis of identity. As the philosopher and former President of the Italian Senate, Professor Marcello Pera said,

“Christianity is so consubstantial with the West, that any surrender on its part would have devastating consequences.”

But all references to Europe’s Christian character have been expunged by the EU bureaucrats. Europe is now officially secular. Pope Benedict XVI identified our real crisis with terrifying clarity:

“The EU is godless. But then it is unthinkable that the EU could build a common European house while ignoring Europe’s identity. Europe is a historical, cultural and moral identity before it is a geographic, economic or political reality. It is an identity built on a set of values which Christianity played a part in moulding.”

A church in every village. A cathedral in every city. The glorious traditions of European music and literature. The political freedoms of which we are rightly proud. All these were products of Christian civilisation.” 

Probabil că se apropie momentul cînd decizii importante vor trebui să fie luate cu privire la viitorul Uniunii Europene. Să sperăm că aceste decizii nu vor fi luate tot de către birocraţi.


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