Filme snuff pe YouTube: moartea lui Gaddafi şi alte filme “urâte”

Titlul de mai sus este o traducere a unui articol de pe unul din blogurile ziarului britanic “The Telegraph”.

Articolul porneşte de la postarea pe youtube a imaginilor cu capturarea şi uciderea dictatorului libian  Gaddafi, aducînd în discuţie noua barbarie a uplodării unor astfel de imagini pe site-uri de genul youtube.

Iată un pasaj  din acest articol :

 “Ignore the fact that the last, the death of Gaddafi, was deserved. Barbarity was still the result. The sort of barbarity that we mock our medieval ancestors for. Yet there it is: death, murder and suffering open to all at one scroll and click. And, judging by the prominence of the clips on sites around the world, we were lapping it up as much as any 14th-century peasant.

YouTube has been increasingly deluged with this grisly fare – Saudi beheadings, Somali stonings, Iranian hangings – as the Middle East and Third World and their brutalised societies move online. It marks a dramatic shift in the levels of detailed real-life violence that we in the West are being exposed to. Yet it has gone by with amazingly little comment. No one has stopped to ask whether there is really any need to see the actual stoning of an adulterer in order to rally political opposition to stonings. No one has sought to impose adult filters. No one has even started to wonder how all this might be affecting us psychologically or morally.”

Concluziile le trageţi singuri. O singură întrebare mă frământă : cât de repede am fi văzut imagini cu “procesul” Ceauşeştilor, dacă tehnologiile anului 2011 ar fi fost accesibile în anul 1989 ?



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